How to Prepare Your Kia for a Road Trip

May 23rd, 2024 by

As the countdown to Memorial Day begins, your summer road trip is just around the corner. The theme park thrills of Orlando are calling to you. Or perhaps you’re heading down the coast towards the salty breeze of Indiatlantic, near Melbourne Beach. Are your bags packed? Playlist created? Air B&B booked? Great! The final item to tick off is your ride: your reliable Kia.

Your summer getaway’s success depends upon the state of your vehicle. Jackson Kia is here to address all your Kia maintenance needs, ensuring a seamless journey this summer. Filling up the gas tank is just the start; here are another five steps you can follow to ready your Kia for a memorable adventure.

Make Your Car Habitable

Your vehicle basically functions as your second home during your travels. Regardless of lodging arrangements, a significant chunk of time will be spent in your car. Just as you wouldn’t live in squalor at home, your car should be devoid of dirt, dust, and clutter before heading off. Strive to then keep it neat throughout the journey.

Before setting off, take your Kia to a local car wash, like the Water Whirled Car Wash in Rockledge. Take advantage of their vacuuming services to clean your floor mats, back seats, and concealed areas. Try to make your car’s interior as immaculate as possible before your family climbs in because – let’s face it – the kids aren’t going to leave it that way long.

Put Air in Your Tires

Low tire pressure is a driver’s disease. Not only can it result in a flat tire or tire damage, but it also reduces fuel efficiency. When traveling long distances, these inefficient miles add up. Inspect your tire pressure prior to your journey, inflating them to the suggested PSI level (indicated on a sticker near the driver’s door). Generally, it’s wise to check your tire pressure every 1,000 miles (and rotate your tires every 5,000 miles, or six months).

If tire pressure issues persist, or should your tires show substantial wear, think about getting new ones. Our Tire Center is on hand to assist with the perfect tires for your Kia ride.

Keep Your Vehicle Hydrated

Just as you should have a water bottle on-hand for your summer travels, ensure your car’s six essential fluids are topped up. Unless you’re far from your typical 7,500 – 10,000-mile oil change interval, it’s a good idea to get your oil changed prior to leaving. Ensure that your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid are replenished.

For a comfortable ride, maintain levels of your coolant and windshield fluid. Insufficient coolant can impact the air conditioning system resulting in decreased airflow, lesser cooling efficiency and an uncomfortable drive for all. Having ample windshield fluid will come in handy when you’re still an hour out of Winter Park and your visibility is marred by a multitude of splattered bugs.

Make Your Playlist Beforehand

Spring has already bestowed us with an array of tunes perfect for a road trip playlist. Whether you’re stuck on recent epics from Beyonce and Taylor Swift, or picking sides in the Kendrick-Drake feud, make sure your musical selections are sorted before your journey kicks off. Lengthy trips can result in nonchalant, neglectful behavior – a momentary lapse for a phone check could send you to the garage, rather than your destination.

Drop by Jackson Kia for Your Summer Check-up

If the date for your summer trip is approaching and you’re still uncertain about your vehicle’s preparedness, it never hurts to seek an expert’s opinion. Our Service Center‘s Certified Service Technicians are prepared and ready to handle any remaining maintenance tasks, ranging from brake pad replacement to battery diagnosis. We’ll get your Kia ready for the road, whether you’re vacationing in the spacious Kia Sportage or the all-new, 2025 Kia K5. Regardless of your destination this summer, make your first stop Jackson Kia.

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